"Your Plate, Our Priority."

Palate Pro

1919 Mckinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201, United States


How can we make your life easier?

Need Healthy Meals Delivered to you weekly?

Need us to host a dinner party?

Need us to grocery Shop for you?

Need us to Cater a Big Event?

Need us to help cater a company event or deliver individual meals to your corporation?

Need us to cook in your home?

Introduction to Palate Pro


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Meet The Pro's


What Inspires Us?

A reunion amongst friends. A child’s birthday party. A weight loss goal. A milestone celebration. A family dinner. A path to recreating yourself. A dedication to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, we are honored to bring people together through their love of food.

Always fresh ingredients, always local, always organic. Convenience, quality, and passion drive us every day. We hand-craft meals tailored to each individual’s budget and lifestyle, giving them the time and freedom to focus on the things that matter most.

What inspires us? You do.

The Original Pro

Brittany Mansfield

Brittany Mansfield (Owner and Chef)

Who Am I? Well, what a great question... I am just an average girl with a driven spirit. Determined to help make other peoples lives easier and some how inspire them a little on the way. I am just an overachiever who is ready to push limits and expectations in order to make sure my clients are always taken care of.

My background? 

Well if you have about 30 minutes to waste, I could sum up my life story, but until then.. here's a little run down!

* I was on the Food Network Channel and aspire to be a celebrity chef on Television. (Cutthroat Kitchen 2015)

*We were casted for the Great Food Truck Race in 2019, and unfortunately we couldn't go :(

*Was a Muay Thai/MMA Trainer and Fighter in California

*Started my first business when I was like 7 (its wasn't successful haha)

*I LOVE LOVE french fries

*I started Palate Pro in 2013, but got recruited to be a producer, writer and director so I pushed my dream to the side for a few.

* writing is my other major passion, right behind inspiring and helping others and cooking delicious food, that makes you feel as amazing as you are.

*I have been cooking since I can remember.

*I have a bachelors degree in Advertising and Nutrition

*I am from Florida, moved to Cali after college for 8 years, then I moved to Manhattan for two years, now I live in Dallas. 

Why run a private Chef service? 

Being a part of the solution for individuals and families, and being a part of their memories, all can be accomplished through creating a customized meal just for them. I love knowing that we have helped families in more than one way, and that we help create special memories for our clients. 

Palate Profile


Palate Pro Plates

Customized chef-made meals dropped on your doorstep every week. We can even deliver to your office. Convenience and quality are key. The best part?  We specialize in creating Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Kosher, Macros, Keto, and Dairy Free meals with ingredients that are purchased locally. 

Whatever your needs, we will deliver food that is delicious, unique, and always true to your lifestyle.


Palate Pro Personal Chef

We are the Private Chef service you’ve always dreamed of having. Offering custom-made meals that fit your diet and lifestyle needs, fully cooked to YOUR preference. We shop, plan, and execute all things kitchen-related in your home. It’s never been easier to have a delicious customized meal!


Palate Pro Parties

We are a local Private Chef Service specializing in healthy meal delivery in Dallas. We also offer offer private parties, cooking classes, and in-home chef services. Our food is always prepared from fresh and local ingredients, and customized for your event and catering needs. 

Pro- Testimonials

Catherine Giudici

"Brittany was professional from the start when I was planning a private luncheon. I didn’t really know what I wanted to serve but with her extensive experience she came up with a menu that was perfect for the event. She provided a range of options and with a collaborative meeting of the minds and some dietary restrictions, she provided my guests with a beautiful and delicious plate of food. Every single guest commented on how delicious Brittany’s food was but the cleaned plates spoke for themselves. I don’t have to wait to book her for another event, she also offers in home delivered meals. I would 100% recommend Brittany, her food, and her great customer service to anyone."

Michael White

"I have used Brittany for many and varied events.  She has prepared daily meals for me based on calorie and macro specifics, which are always unique, delicious and satisfy my cravings.  The meals are individually prepared and delivered to my doorstep for the ultimate in convenience.  She takes the time to learn what foods you love - and which ones you don't, and caters the meals she prepares based on your preferences, while still making them healthy and delicious.

I have also used Brittany's catering services for several events in my home.  She has provided happy hour services, where she created several different drink stations with fun, themed drinks for guests to prepare that created an interactive and engaging event for everyone.  We have also had several catered brunch events that are always nothing short of spectacular.  From presentation, to taste, to convenience and value - it's the total package.  I can't say enough about Brittany's creative genius as a chef, and the beautiful presentation of an event that she provides."

Penelope Dreyer

"If you are busy parents always on the go, Brittany will come to your rescue. Although my husband and I enjoy cooking, our lifestyle doesn't allow enough time to prepare healthy, delicious meals! The best part of it all, we don't have to do dishes once we are finished eating or think about meal planning for the next week. She is a great private chef and I would highly recommend her business to all my friends and family."

Morgan Sutter

"The meals are AMAZING! The taste is delicious & the presentation is immaculate! We love how you put the different tastes together to make the perfect combination of flavors that burst in your mouth!"

Celeste DeCoux

"My husband and I are both very busy with our jobs, 4 year old and healthy social life. PalatePro has given us so much free time back. The meals are healthy and delivered to your door ready to heat. The food is always fresh and seasonal and totally customizable. We can't imagine our lives without it anymore. Just having that time back from shopping, meal planning and cooking is the real value here. Plus you can eat healthy with no excuses."

Kelly NicholeOb

"Brittany was absolutely amazing! We used her  to cook brunch for a bachelorette party and she was so accommodating since we had some people who were gluten-free as well as pregnant. She was so nice and made everything fit the bachelorette party theme. The food was amazing as well as the cocktail she made for us.  I would use Palate pro over and over again in the Dallas area and would recommend her to anyone who asked !"